Trust Administration

Meet Obligation Without Stress

If you are a trustee, you have the obligation to honor the wishes of the trust’s creator. At Hartman Private Law, LLC we understand how stressful this responsibility may be, regardless of the size of the trust. Our attorneys will provide you the sound guidance necessary to fulfill this obligation throughout your specific process. We are ready to help you navigate:

  • Interpretation issues: Know exactly what is required
  • Resolving disputes
  • Tax compliance: Ensure the most tax-efficient course of action
  • Discharging fiduciary duties
  • Modifications and terminations 


"When I was just beginning the adoption process I didn't know how to get started. Nathan easily guided me through the early stages and supplied me with many resources and 'homework' to begin the journey. He 'held my hand' going above and beyond the call of duty... Nathan listens and has compassion for his clients. I highly recommend him."


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