Premarital Planning

Prepare for a New Chapter

Premarital Planning

Getting married is among the most sacred and important decisions of your life. Although you do not expect your marriage to end when you enter it, life can be unpredictable. You can take steps now to ensure you are prepared should the unimaginable happen. At Hartman Private Law, LLC we will assist you in preparing your assets as you enter the exciting new chapter of marriage. Our expert attorneys can provide you with a number of services in order to best protect your assets, including:

  • Prenuptial agreements: prepare your assets for the next chapter in life
  • Postnuptial agreements: arrange your assets once you have already entered a marriage

Protecting the transfer of assets from parent to child

We also guide parents through the process of preparing their assets and property to transfer to their children. Should your child get married, it is important to establish a trust that will protect the assets from your child’s spouse should a divorce occur. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure the long-term protection of your assets for your family, now and in the future! 


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